Simple Four Steps to Get Fit

How to get fit? Why is it so hard to get fit? I was looking for answers to this question for a long time. After a long 5 years, after wasting thousands of dollars, reading countless books and wasting hundreds of hours in the Gym, I finally have my answer.

Why is it hard to get fit? Because the following industries wouldn’t let you.

  1. Food Industry
  2. Fitness Industry
  3. Entertainment Industry

First, evidence that I really know my stuff. Here is my photo.

Getting fit not hard. Really, it’s the easiest thing you will ever do. Really!!! But it is not quick – it’s not something you can do it in 30 days.

In this article, I am going to explain how the above industries are holding you from getting fit – robbing your money, sucking the life right out of you.

Food Industry – Processed Food


Farming is not a profitable business. Natural food stale fast, transportation and storage is expensive. On the other hand, processed food is a very lucrative business. Processed food have long expiration dates and can be mass produced easily under any climate. So Food Industry has been spending billions on marketing in the convincing general public to consume more and more processed food.

To keep the production cost low, one trick food industry uses is to add more sugar to processed food. Sugar is a relatively cheap substance. Today most of the processed food contains about 10% of Sugar. Here are some examples.

  • Marmite is healthy right? Check the nutrition chart. Marmite contains 11.6% of Sugar
  • One serving of Kellogg’s Cornflakes Cerias (28g) contains 3g of sugar. That is a little bit more than 10%
  • One serving of Heinz ketchup (17g) has a whopping 4g of sugar

So when they sell you 100g of Marmite, they sell you 11.6g of Sugar at the price of Marmite. Pretty neat eh.

Second best quality of sugar is that it is addictive. All of us are addicted to sugar. Do not believe me, try to cut your sugar treats for 1 week. You will be feeling like a drug addict on withdrawal.

How to minimize processed food?

  1. Cut down on bread, pasta, sausages, sauce… etc.
  2. Get your sugary treats from fruit. Replace your Chocolate Croissant from  Grapes or blueberries.
  3. Only consume processed food with the Sugar content of 5% or less. You will find that there are not a lot of options at this range.
  4. No more fuzzy drinks – drink water.
  5. Eat lots of meat, grains, vegies, and fruits.

Fitness Industry – Workout Right

“Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity.” – Karl Marx


Your personal trainer sure as hell not going to teach you how to fish. His business depends on you paying him 100$ an hour to workout.

Those expensive home workout machines do not work either. Models appear in the advertisement did not get to that shape using that machine.

Also don’t subscribe to the expensive gyms with fancy machines, which let you get into the shape ‘safely’. Those machines are there just to lure in new people. Just another marketing trick.

How to work out right?

  1. Lift free weights. Free weights are not as dangerous as they want you to believe. I am a self-thought – free weight trainer. There are tons of free youtube videos, books that can help you with this subject. If you still scared, hire a personal trainer for 3-4 days. Tell him to stick to free weights and learn all the good postures from him.
  2. Do Calisthenics/body – weight exercises. This can be practiced in your home or out in a park. This is an incredibly effective workout if you want a lean body with a reasonable amount of muscles. There are a bunch of apps with bodyweight exercises.
  3. Play spots run, jump, cycle, swim, and row. Playing a sport is an incredibly effective way of working out.
  4. Be consistent.
  5. Find a conveniently located gym/workout place. Don’t choose a gym that you need to drive for 20 mins because it was 50$ cheaper. Convenience is the key to consistency.

Entertainment Industry – Sleep Well


As a generation, we sleep much less than our ancestors did. The main reason is content streaming services like youtube, Netflix, Amazon Videos. They are pushing so much content, and we are so addicted. But how Netflix is going to profit from this. Bigger the addiction easier to raise annual premiums on their service.


Personally, this is the most challenging thing for me. Now I have a strict sleep time, which is 11:30. I try to keep this time at least five times a week. I get about 8.5hours of sleep.

Bottom Line – Spend More Than You Earn

Think your body as your bank account. Your salary comes into your account and you spend some of it. If you spend less than you earn, the balance of your bank account goes high. If you can consistently keep this behavior for a couple of years, you can accumulate a substantial wealth in your account.

Salary is your calorie intake, cash withdrawals are your workouts. The amount of excess fat you have is your bank balance. Your target is to bring your balance to 0. How to do this? There are two ways.

  1. Find a job with a lower salary
  2. Consistently spend more money than you earn
  3. Or both

One contradiction in above analogy is you can easily outspend you earning. But you can never ever work your way out of a bad diet. So it is very important to stick to a new diet so you can reduce your calori intake at the source.

Follow the above steps, I will guarantee that you will get into very good shape.


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