IELTS is a quite easy exam to pass, provided that you have prepared your self well for it. In this blog I am explaining what I did to ace the IELTS exam with less effort.

Step 1 – Find an Institution

There are several well-known institutions. Choose one which is conveniently located for you. It’s really a personal choice.

Watch out!!!

When you reserve the test, do not mention your real purpose of taking the test. They typically to set higher standards for people who take it for immigration reasons. There is no reason for IELTS institution to know why you are taking the exam. Just specify that you are taking the exam for a personal reason. If they compel you to give a reason, it’s best to go with a different institute.

Step 2 – Schedule a Test

Seriously, book your test, at the very beginning. Here are the reasons why should you do it.

  • There will be a long wait list. Typically 3 – 6 weeks
  • It will give the motivation to get committed to studying. It’s harder than you think to find time to study when there is no deadline

Know Your Exam

Check whether to take an Academic or a General exam. If you are doing this for a PR application, you should take the General module. For university applications, take the Academic exam.

Know How Much You Have to Score

Know how many points you need. This will help with time management.

Step 2 – Study

Personally, I spent 3-4 weeks preparing for the exam. IELTS exam comprises of 4 parts.


The exam takes about 50 minutes. You have to read a few articles and has to answer some questions. Cambridge University has a book with IELTS pass papers. Get a copy and do practice past papers. One trick I learned is to read the question once before you start reading the paragraphs. This really helps to save time.

It is very easy to waste lots of time here trying to perfecting your score. If all you need is a 7, why study for a 9. Save your effort/time for other areas.


During the exam, you will listen to some dialogs and answer some questions. Similar to Reading taking some pass papers should suffice. Don’t waste time perfecting your score.


During the exam, you will be asked to write one letter/memo and an essay. Do a few Cambridge pass papers. Find “IELTS Training modules by Adam Smith” for writing. Follow this module do some of its exercises.


You will have to talk with an interviewer during the exam for about 15 minutes. First, you will have to speak a few minutes on a given topic, following a few minutes of general conversation on the same topic. Again follow IELTS module of Adam Smith provide which some great tips to get a high score for this exam.

Step 3 – Know How to Spend your Efforts

Here is how I spent my efforts during my IELTS preparation.

Reading – 15%

Listening – 15%

Writing – 45%

Speaking – 25%

Step 4 – Go for the Exam

Be there on time, bring your ID – the usuals.

We are very responsive. Feel free to ask question/leave suggestions.


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